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Make Ends Meet with Your Car


The world economy has been on the upturn and consumers are generally a happier lot. Most developed economies have overcome the global financial crisis as indicated by the latest data from the authorities.

The past experiences have left close to half the consumers more conscious about savings and expenditures, with many people opting to scrap their motor.  They are now a wiser lot and strive to cope with the unexpected emergency expenditures that arise occasionally. Consumers have adopted the approach of increasing their savings. However, there are times when it is not enough and other options of meeting unexpected expenditures are available. These include making ends meet by focusing on their cars in ways that enable them to increase their savings or cut expenses significantly.

Here are some of the ways in which using a scrap car wisely can lead to savings as opposed to taking short term loans from expensive lenders or borrowing from friends and family.


One way of saving on the costs of fuel is by pooling your car. It does not matter whether you are doing the usual daily trip to the office or going on a long journey. You will be surprised to find that there are many travelers headed in the same direction that you are going. Visit carpooling sites online and share the costs. You could also come together with colleagues in the office and share the costs of transport to and from the office. It allows you to split your petrol bill and reduce your expenditure on fueling through the week. Be sure to consult with your car insurance company to ensure that you have not violated the contract.

Green Cars

With modern technologies, the option of green cars is available today. You can trade in you car and get an eco friendly one that uses less fuel. There are a growing number of electric and hybrid vehicles that use much less fuel and have lower emissions as well. Take advantage of the incentives that the authorities offer when you own and drive a green vehicle. Consequently, the added savings will allow you to cut your expenditure on fuel and road inspection costs annually.

Logbook loans

Your car can be a useful asset when you are in need of finances. You can take a loan and use it as security. All you need to do is to submit your log book and you can get a loan based on the value of your car. Conversely, it only takes a short while to get the loan as your credit rating is not checked for you to get a loan approval. In other words, even when you credit rating is low, you are still able to secure a loan against your log book. However, you need to make sure that you can repay the loan on a monthly basis; it should be within your budget lest you default and lose your car altogether.

Consequently, your car can be the best option when you want to make savings that will help you when there is an emergency that requires immediate finance.  Read more at

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Give the Family Car a Break


Your family car is no doubt perfect for the day-to-day running about associated with family life. Trips to school, the morning commute, grocery shopping and errands galore are likely a breeze thanks to your smart choice of a practical, comfortable, and reliable vehicle.

As much a part of family life your car is though, there are certain situations where an alternative would work better. For example, if you and your clan are going on a road trip across the country during the summer holidays, your usual might not be up to the mark.

Just because you can fit sports bags, school bags, buggies and the dog in the car for a snug ride around town, doesn’t mean the same would work long distance. But does that mean you need to fork out for a new family ride though?

Of course not, why would you, when you can have the best of both worlds with the broad range of hire vehicles available from Global.

Read on to see some of the situations your family car might not be best suited to, as well as some of the vehicle solutions.

For the motley crew: 7-Seater

If you are heading off on a road trip and it’s a little more space you’re after, a 7-seater people carrier will work a treat. Not only are you guaranteed comfort and quality, but you will also have plenty of extra room for bags and toys, as well as the bums on seats.

For mum and dad: Luxury Sports Car

Sometimes, mum and dad need a break from the hectic family life. So if you are after a sporty little run around to enjoy whilst the kids are with their grandparents, our luxury sports cars are a great place to start. Let your hair down with a convertible or impress yourself with the performance of the newest models; this one’s for adults only.

For the four-leggers: Estate

If you have a furry family member to cater for, but your family hatchback doesn’t quite accommodate them, consider hiring one of our estate cars for your trip. Not only will you be comfortable up front, and the kids will have lots of space in the back; your four-legger will have plenty of space to sit, lay down and sprawl en route to your destination – and they’ll feel happier because they can see their loved ones the whole time.

For an adventure: Four Wheel Drive (4WD)

Perhaps your family have decided to enjoy a staycation this summer, where they can explore the hills and lakes of the UK. If that is the case, your normal ride, with its average suspension and low body, won’t deal as well with the terrain as a Jeep 4WD would do. So prepare yourselves for the adventure with a 4WD hire car like the Toyota RAV4.

For planet-friendly folks: Hybrid

Last but not least, your family may be conscious about their green efforts and their contribution to the environment. As such, the idea of a long journey in a petrol-powered motor might not appeal. A trip to the coast in a hybrid model like the Toyota Prius, however, will not only ensure you all travel in style, but you will all feel (and look) good doing it.

Now, these aren’t the only instances you might want to swap your family car for an alternative, but they are a good example of the options you have with car hire. You don’t have to get rid of your current car, or foot the bill for a new one. You can simply find the vehicle that best suits your needs and hire it for as long as you need. That is the beauty of car hire; flexibility.

So check out our hire fleet or get in touch for more information, and open up a world of opportunity for you and your family.


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Need To Know

British Roads: The Need to Knows


Driving is about more than sitting behind the wheel and ending up where you want to be, especially on British roads.

Known for their oddities and eccentricities at the best of times, Brits are just as particular on the roads as they are when it comes to how they like their tea and what they think of their weather.

Unspoken laws and common knowledge practices abound whilst polite drivers and clear demonstrations of good manners on the road are highly regarded.

Of course, if you are visiting the UK and plan on seeing the country, courtesy of our car hire service in Stansted, you will probably need a quick run-down of what these very British road “rules” are. In fact, even if you’re a full-time British resident and road-user, a refresh of the best etiquette is probably a good idea.

So, aside from keeping to the left, read on to see the top five ‘need to knows’ for driving on British roads.

Don’t hog the middle lane

This is a big deal on UK roads. Considered rude, frustrating, and now, illegal, hogging the middle lane on motorways is a definite no-go. If you don’t get pulled up by the police, you will most definitely irritate each and every car or truck that you pass on the way.

Honk when you mean it

Another annoyance backed by police advice is the improper use of your car horn. People often ignore the fact that horns are only to be used to warn of danger, instead honking to communicate their irritation or impatience, as well as the odd “hello”. When you drive on British roads though, be sure to use your horn for the right reasons, if you have to use it at all.

Keep those hands free

UK law dictates that the use of a mobile phone behind the wheel is strictly prohibited. There are hands-free kits available, but even these can prove dangerously distracting. You are better safe than sorry, so pull over somewhere safe when you want to make a call or check a text.

No nose to tail

Tailgating is not only considered rude and somewhat passive-aggressive behaviour, but those who tailgate others are subject to penalties. You should never be in so much of a rush to run your business that you need to intimidate other drivers by driving too close. Similarly, you should never allow someone’s tailgating to intimidate you to a point where your own driving becomes unsafe. Leaving plenty of braking distance is both polite and essential to safety.

Manners matter

Ever the sticklers for manners and being on their best behaviour, Brits consider manners to be of paramount importance on the road. If you plan on mortally offending a fellow driver, just forget to raise your hand as a “thank you” for letting you pass. And if you want to be judged like never before? Overtake a cyclist too fast and too close, or pull out and cut someone up when it’s their right of way. There are three things to remember when it comes to manners on the move:

l Say thank you (a simple nod or a raised palm)

l Mind two-wheelers (cyclists and motorcyclists are vulnerable and have just as much right of way as you)

l Wait your turn (right of way at roundabouts and junctions or waiting in queues; wait your turn)

Now, these driving practices, so peculiar and (seemingly) so typical of British road users are just the start. On top of these amusing examples of UK road etiquette, you also have the very strict (and always enforced) road rules and laws.

So brush up on the Highway Code and rest assured you’ll look just like a native when you hit the streets in a top quality hire car from Global.


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Car Hire

A Hire Car for Every Occasion


People consider car hire for all sorts of reasons. Some might need a convenient mode of transport to the airport, others might want to show up at a business function in style, and some just enjoy getting out of the city for the weekend.

If you spend your weekdays cycling around Cambridge, car rental offers you the ideal opportunity to get out and explore further afield, without the financial commitment and responsibility of owning, maintaining and running a car full time.

Weekend jaunts, business engagements and holiday transport aside though, there are certain special events and occasions that a luxury hire car or an economic rental will make all the difference to.

Below, we have listed three special occasions you may not have considered hiring a car for, even though the experiences would be enhanced by a rental vehicle from Global Self Drive. Read on to find out more.


With summer fast approaching, teens are getting ready for the big end-of-school event; prom. A number of revellers will opt for limousines to take them to the ball whilst a small portion will choose more standout transport, such as fire engines and party buses.

For a classier, less ostentatious entrance though, a large executive car from our fleet would be ideal. Sleek, instantly recognisable models will certainly hold their own against the limo parade as you drive your school-leavers to their big night. Of course, if you don’t have a group of party-goers to ferry about, why not opt for a luxury sports car instead? Turn heads at prom with Global.


Summer is also peak wedding season, and whilst the Wedding Car will be sorted out well in advance, busy brides or disorganised guests may have forgotten to sort out other key transport. For example, if a number of family members have decided to go together, they might need a people carrier or a larger car instead of their normal car, in order to accommodate the extra bodies.

On the other hand, the bride and groom may not have secured transport for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, so a luxury car from our executive fleet would provide the perfect solution, not to mention save the happy couple unnecessary logistics-related stress. Our sophisticated, quality cars are more than wedding-appropriate.

Big Birthdays

In the same way you would look into car hire for a trip away to celebrate a special anniversary, car hire is a great choice for big birthdays too. It could be that your loved one is turning 30 and you want to treat them to a sports car for the weekend, or your 50th present to yourself is going to be a week in the high-end luxury car you’ve always dreamt of. It might even be that you and a group of your closest friends are going to head off on a road trip to mark your birthday milestone, so you need a minivan that is comfortable, reliable and large enough for the journey.

Whatever the reason, a luxury (or practical) rental vehicle from Global Self Drive is a superb way to mark a big birthday occasion.

These three examples are just some of the occasions that call for a hire car, be it for escapism, practical reasons or a treat. So browse our site to find out more about the vehicles you can build or get in touch with one of our branches today.


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